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Iron Head Bison Ranch is an Indigenous Métis family-owned business founded by husband-and-wife team, Jason and Erin Boily. Jason and Erin were both raised in small Métis communities in Manitoba and wanted to carry on the legacy of their Métis ancestors.

In 2017, they purchased bare family homestead land and began creating the dream that is now Iron Head Bison Ranch, sharing high quality food with the public while keeping true to utilizing the whole animal as their ancestors would have.

Iron Head Bison Ranch is located 20 minutes east of Winnipeg off the #1 Highway near Richer, Manitoba, Canada

Owners of Iron Head Bison Ranch Jason and Erin Boily

Regenerative Ranching

Regenerative ranching is a practice that seeks to actively restore the land to its natural state so that it may continue to thrive even as we use its resources.

It aims to re-establish the wildlife habitat, keep natural grasses from being over-grazed, and restore the natural flow of water through the land.

As bison graze through our pastures, they are providing the land with a natural fertilizer, nurturing the soil as they eliminate their waste, enhancing the ecosystem from the ground up. In turn, the healthy soil creates an abundance of natural grasses for the bison to graze, keeping the regenerative process going.

Over time, this method of ranching will restore soil quality, biodiversity, water quality, and the overall health of the ecosystem all while producing sufficient, high-quality, nutritious food.

Pasture raised bison improve soil carbon content, fertility, availability of nutrients, and soil life. It does all this while still producing food for human consumption.


Iron Head Bison Ranch is on Treaty 1 Territory – the traditional land of the Ininiw (Cree), Anishinábé (Ojibwé), Anishiniw (Ojibwé Cree), Dakota, and Dene people, as well as the Birthplace of the Red River Métis.

Bison have a long history with Indigenous culture, providing them with food, clothing, fuel, tools, shelter, and spiritual value. It’s hard to believe that at one point in our history, bison roamed North America in the millions.

During the early fur trade, Métis people had many land-based skills such as hunting, trapping, and gathering. Land and resources were the base of the economic system, and survival depended largely on natural resources.

Bison, frequently referred to as buffalo, was a significant resource for Indigenous Peoples of North America, providing food and raw materials until their near extinction in the late 19th century.

We at Iron Head Bison hope to carry on the traditions of our ancestors. We have created a space where traditional food from the land can be provided. It’s a vision of Iron Head Bison to maintain intergeneration continuity of our traditional land use.

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The bison to protect biodiversity and its culture

Give this new article from CBC Radio Canada a read to learn more about Iron Head Bison! Click the link below, it can be translated from French to English.

Here Manitoba with Anne-Charolette Carignan
Dec. 4, 2022

“The Boily family has realized their dream. By raising bison, she wanted to reconnect with her Métis heritage and protect an endangered species.”

CBC Radio interview with Iron Head Bison Ranch

Have a listen to Iron Head Bison Ranch owners Jason and Erin Boily with CBC Radio Noon Manitoba.

Radio Noon with Marjorie Dowhos

Dec. 6, 2021 Iron Head Bison Ranch – running strong in southeast Manitoba





Ranch Tours

Iron Head Bison offers a fun filled educational and experiential tour option for school field trips, and groups.

Bison Guided Tour includes:

Meet the bison

Have the opportunity to see a bison in person. The Bison viewing participants can see the bison heifers and baby calves in pasture one and bulls in pasture two. Here we will talk about what they eat, the feeding process, rotate grazing and how the bison are helping our ecosystem.

Experience the Culture

Iron Head Bison will set up a Bison Display booth. Participants can see and touch a bison skull and pelt. We will have a bison Q and A and discuss how we utilize the whole animal. Bison meat taste testing available upon request.

Tour the Facilities

Take a walk with us as we explain the Bison round-up process. Students will have a walk through the facilities where bison would go for sorting, vaccinations, weighting, and tagging.

Inquire about your tour today

    Land Acknowledgement:

    With deep respect to our ancestors and Mètis heritage, owners Jason and Erin Boily proudly acknowledge the integral role bison have played in their Métis heritage. Iron Head Bison Ranch is located on the lands of the Treaty One Territory, the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Assiniboine, Dakota, Dene peoples and the homeland of the Red River Mètis. Iron Head Bison Ranch respects the treaties that were made on this territory. We are proud members of MBA and CBA.