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Iron Head Bison

Brown Bison Leather Gauntlet

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  • 100% Bison Leather
  • Made in Manitoba, Canada
  • Traceable leather product from Iron Head Bison Ranch hides
  • XL cuff for wrist and arm protection
  • unlined
  • Iron Head logo stamped
  • Sizes: L, XL, XXL
  • Color: Mocha Brown
  • Unisex

Buttery soft, lightweight and durable in any environment these unique one of a kind bison gauntlets are made to last.

Bison gauntlets make a great gift idea on any occasion whether it is Fathers day, Christmas, or birthdays for that special someone.   

Excellent outdoor workwear for ranchers, farmers, and many other outdoor work environments.

The bison gauntlet features an extra wide and long cuff to stop snow or other debris from getting in the cuff of your sleeve.  These gauntlets are unlined and we suggest sizing up if adding a liner during the colder temperatures.

 Handmade bison gauntlets have unique markings and not all products will be the same. These are not defects as each bison hide varies and has its own markings and colorings.